Join Justin and Trevor to learn how to:

  • Automate privacy and data protection processes
  • Employ agentless integrations to quickly and automatically map data flows 
  • Streamline internal due diligence, vendor management, and Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs)
  • Develop metadata maps of all privacy information, not just PII

Who should attend:

  • Executives impacted by privacy in the cloud 
Justin Antonipillai, Co-founder and CEO of WireWheel

About the Speakers

Justin Antonipillai

Justin is the Founder and CEO of WireWheel and is passionate about helping companies show that they are trustworthy guardians of privacy and worthy of trust.  Prior to founding WireWheel, as Acting Under Secretary at the U.S. Department of Commerce during the Obama Administration, Justin led the U.S. negotiating team with Europe in reaching the EU-US Privacy Shield, and led extensive dialogues over the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and US domestic privacy regulations.  Justin now brings that deep privacy expertise for the first time to the AWS community, to show how AWS and WireWheel can bring ROI to your privacy program.


Trevor Hansen is a Startup Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS). Prior to joining the Partner Solutions Architect team, Trevor has worked in a wide range of technical roles including closely with some of the world’s most recognized accelerators, incubators and venture capitalist firms. Now he is primarily focused on being the technical point of contact for VC Backed Startups, working closely with the Startup Business Development team to help design, architect, implement cloud-based solutions, drive technical enablement, got-to-market strategies and global expansion.



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The California Consumer Privacy Act (CaCPA) is the new GDPR - and it means that now, even U.S. businesses without customers overseas have new data privacy responsibilities.

This already has significant implications for companies using AWS or other cloud platforms - but there is good news. 

AWS helps its customers find solutions that make it easier to solve privacy issues - GDPR, CaCPA, and all the other privacy regulations that will follow. 

Join AWS and AWS Advanced Technology Partner WireWheel in a joint webinar that provides a clear overview of what CaCPA means to you and specific steps you can take in this new era of data privacy regulation.

All registrants will receive a recording of this webinar to view at their convenience.